• Aiming to support the local community we source our raw materials from our region and from other olive producing areas of Greece, under strict specifications 
  • All incoming raw materials as well as packaging materials are under quality control process at delivery time, during the whole production process and before the final packaging
  • All olives are selected by hand – one by one – by our people to avoid damaged ones. Only the best are used!

Quality Assurance

Quality comes first, and this is why only the best inputs used for the final products

• All raw materials and packaging material as well, under a strictly quality control process in company’s laboratory by the scientific specialists

• Several quality controls are taking place into different stages of the production process (from delivery of raw materials to the final product) to guarantee both quality and safety

• Quality control plans are based and following the international standards and legislation

• The olive oil is stored in inox tanks in a air-conditioned area, so that the organoleptic characteristics remain

• Both raw materials and final products are stored under the best conditions in contemporary warehousing areas.